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The Irish Ballroom & Waltzing Federation is a democratic, voluntary, amateur dancing organisation that exists to promote ballroom dancing, old time waltzing and latin dancing on behalf of our members.

The Irish Ballroom & Waltzing Federation is

  • Democratic in that our constitution and rules have been enacted by the members for the members
  • Voluntary in that all members who serve on committee’s, assist in running events or respond to requests for assistance from time to time do so without payment and freely give of their support.

We are an amateur dancing organisation who positively encourage competition in dancing, embrace social dancing and welcome all likeminded people.

Won’t you join us?

I.B.W.F History

In the 1980’s the I.B.W.F. or the “ Country Association “ as it was known evolved from a group of social dancers in the South Leinster / East Munster region.
These dancers competed at the various Old Time Waltzing competitions held at socials or dances in the country. Gradually, some of these dances grew into Old Time Waltzing competitions in their own right. These competitions were primarily promoted and organised by individuals who frequently ran them to benefit local causes or charities.

As more and more competitions were being held throughout the country, dancers themselves realised some formal organisation was necessary to ensure all the competitions were run in a fair and consistent manner. Some dancers were also interested in expanding into other types of dancing such as ballroom, etc. A small number of dance teachers active in the region at the time gave encouragement and advice in how such an organisation might be formed.

In the 1980s, there was only one other amateur-dancing organisation in Ireland. However, as that organisation was Dublin based dancers themselves wanted to set up their own country based organisation. Eventually, the IBWF or the Country Association as it became known was formed. A basic set of rules was agreed on by the first members of this fledging amateur dancing body.

Throughout the 1980s the IBWF grew and developed until, by the end of the decade, it had in excess of 500 members who came from all parts of the island of Ireland.

Throughout the 1990s and to the present day, the IBWF has gone through both good and bad times, has encountered difficulties in it’s development and has grown to the organisation we know today.

Please meet our Committee


Carren McQuinllan
31 Doolargy Avenue,
Dundalk. Co. Louth
Tel: 086 - 6007455

Hon. Secretary:

Helen Patterson
10 St. Daighs Terace,
Iniskeen. Co. Monaghan
Tel: 042 - 9378289 or 087 6816032
Email: helenvpatterson [at] gmail.com

Hon. Treasurer:

Liam Kelly
10 St. Daighs Terace,
Iniskeen. Co. Monaghan
Tel: 087 - 2458279

Committee Members:

Mary Callaghan

John Egan